Stephanie Mutuc Allcare Clinical Services Liaison

Stephanie Mutuc

Clinical Services Liaison

Stephanie joined Allcare Orthotic and Prosthetic Services in January 2018. Before coming on board, she was a Client Service Representative and Veterinary Assistant for a local animal hospital for ten years. Her strong customer service background and love for animals came together in that field. However, having been raised in a household with family members in both the medical and hotel industry, helping people is something deeply rooted within her. It wasn’t until she met James that she was introduced to Allcare and found her true calling. Throughout the years, she saw the continued social and emotional support the company has been providing their patients and knew it was what she wanted to emulate. After shadowing James and learning more about the field, she was intent on achieving her number one goal: helping people. Months later, as the company continued to grow, they offered her a position as their Clinical Services Liaison. And throughout the months of learning about the company, Allcare’s employees and clientele, their business structure of patient-first, business second, she joined the team. As their Clinical Services Liaison, her duties include developing marketing strategies for continued business development, fostering new and existing customer relationships, and upholding a high level of patient satisfaction via managing customer and patient expectations.

Stephanie Mutuc, Allcare Orthotics & Prosthetics
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