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Bionic Technology: Transforming Lives with Next-Level Devices

Every year, great advances are being made in the world of orthotics and prosthetics that directly improve our patients’ function, safety, and performance. At Allcare, we know the best thing we can do for our patients is to keep on top of the most cutting-edge advancements, particularly in the bionic technology sphere. Our practitioners regularly attend courses, both locally and nationally, to ensure we are using the latest and most sophisticated devices available on the market today. Below is an overview of our most innovative bionic technology products that have significantly impacted the lives of our patients.

Upper Limb Bionic Technology

Fillauer’s TASKA Hand – Terminal Device

Built for people with active lifestyles, the TASKA hand is the world’s first waterproof multi-articulating myoelectric terminal device. With multiple grip patterns that can be programmed right from your iPhone or Android, a high-speed thumb rotation, and break-away clutches, this hand provides both agility and durability, unlike any other terminal device. Using a simple app on your phone, you can create custom grips and add, remove, or re-order each grip to create a personalized configuration that works best for you.

The TASKA hand offers more flexibility, strength, and precision, making everyday tasks easier – such as picking up small objects or any water-oriented task such as doing dishes, which can now be done without the assistance of cumbersome gloves.

The TASKA kit comes with:
• A 2000 mAh Battery
• Wall Adapter
• Car Adapter
• On/Off Switch

Ottobock’s Dynamic Arm – for Transhumeral Amputations or Higher

The Ottobock Dynamic Arm is a particularly inconspicuous arm with low noise levels, including a silent free-swing and a natural, good-looking anatomic design. The Dynamic Arm is a myoelectric-controlled elbow joint driven by an electric motor intended for patients with transhumeral or higher amputation levels. The impressive advancements of this latest Dynamic Arm by Ottobock provide users with more natural movements, a more natural appearance, easier positioning, lower maintenance, and higher reliability.

The Dynamic Arm comes with:
• A Powerful Bluetooth Module
• Dummy for Electric Wrist Rotator
• Battery Charger with EU and US Plug
• Lamination Ring
• Assembly Hook
• Alignment Tool

COAPT’s Pattern Recognition Gen 2 - for Transradial, Transhumeral, & Shoulder Disarticulation

The COAPT Pattern Recognition myoelectric device is for upper limb patients looking for the most intuitively controlled prosthesis available today. This system uses mathematical algorithms to determine when a pattern matches the patient’s intended arm or hand movement – and then moves the prosthetic accordingly. The result is a more natural movement that is easier to achieve. Controls can also be personalized at any time, which allows you to address issues such as socket fit, skin condition, fatigue, and desired feelings for control, without added clinical visits or the need to take off your prosthesis.

Targeted Muscle Reinnervation is not a requirement for this device but may expand control options and overall function for those who have undergone this type of surgery.

myomo’s MyoPro Orthosis

The MyoPro Orthosis by myomo is a groundbreaking powered arm and hand brace that helps patients with paralyzed or weakened upper extremities resume activities of daily living while also helping to restore function of the hand and/or arm. Dubbed “power steering for your arm”, this is a completely non-invasive device that reads faint nerve signals from the surface of the skin, eliminating any need for implants, surgery, or electrical stimulation. It is also the only wearable robotic device that facilitates rehabilitation for those with weakened or paralyzed upper extremities, as it increases range of motion and assists with muscle re-education.

This device is typically most helpful for patients with neuromuscular and neurological medical conditions, such as:
Stroke Arm Paralysis
• Brachial Plexus Injury
• Cerebral Palsy
• Multiple Sclerosis

Lower Limb Bionic Technology


The PROPRIO FOOT by Ossur is a microprocessor-controlled foot and ankle system that increases safety by giving patients a more natural and lifelike gait. This powered ankle system has computers and sensors embedded within its system to sense and adapt to varied terrain, allowing for improved foot clearance when walking on uneven terrain, steps, and ramps. It also reduces forces and pressures on the opposite limb while increasing toe clearance during the swing phase, improving safety, and increasing ground clearance.

X3 Microprocessor Knee by Ottobock

The X3 Microprocessor Knee by Ottobock is the most sophisticated, durable, and intuitive microprocessor knee on the market. Developed in partnership with the US Military, this is a waterproof knee that can be completely submerged underwater or in mud, including things like showering and swimming. Equipped with a sensor that can detect when the knee is in full extension, the X3 can adjust its swing phase automatically, allowing for a more natural walking pattern of varying speeds, including an easy run-to-walk-to-run transition. This knee helps with real-world mobility such as running to cross the street or walking-to-running to catch a bus – all with greater stance control, stability, function, and safety.

Other potential benefits of this microprocessor-controlled knee are improved ability to navigate stairs, slopes, and uneven terrain and reduction in energy expenditure and concentration required for ambulation.

If you’d like to learn more about the latest bionic technology available on the market, contact us any time, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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