I am so so happy I found Allcare. I have been struggling to find the right place to make my prosthetic. Allcare literally got it on the first try and it was such an amazing experience. I came with a prosthetic that was beat up and didn’t fit. Mike made me an amazing leg with the most badass design. Anyone missing a leg or an arm needs to meet this team of beautiful people.
Stefania Emilia

Your Partner in Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics

We believe, and research supports, that patient success comes from more than a company’s ability to offer advanced prosthetics and orthotics. The key to getting our patients back to their prior level of function involves closely collaborating with healthcare providers while connecting patients to others living with similar limb differences.

Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics: Mike Sgroi Allcare President of Allcare Clinical Services

Our interconnected support system, along with the cutting-edge functionality of our devices, is what helps our patients thrive.

Michael Sgroi, President of Clinical Services

What makes Allcare different?

  • Devices are Meticulously Customized to Each Individual
  • Patients Get Devices Faster with Our In-House Fabrication
  • Patients Receive a Lifetime of Peer Support
  • Get a Go-to Resource on the Latest Technology
  • We Work with You to Ensure Patient Success

Devices are Meticulously Customized to Each Individual

No two devices we build are alike because no two patients are alike. Every individual has their own story, lifestyle, physical challenges, work-life, and personal aesthetic. And each patient’s device should reflect those differences – including everything from the cut of the socket to the visual design of the prosthetic or orthotic.

When we first meet patients, we ask what they need, rather than just telling them what they’re going to get. And then handcraft a device that helps them live the way they want.

Patients Get Devices Faster with Our In-house Fabrication

We know the sooner your patients get their prosthetic or orthotic, the faster they can get back to their prior level of function. Which is why we have everything we need, right in-house, to custom-build any device from start to finish.

Our on-site lab includes:

  • Two Infrared Ovens for Vacuum Forming
  • A High-Tech Suction System
  • A Plaster Area for All Modifications

Having these in-house capabilities allows us to fabricate and adjust faster, so patients are never without their prosthetic or orthotic for an extended period of time.

Patients Receive a Lifetime of Peer Support

At Allcare, we believe in treating the whole patient rather than just the affected limb. This means offering support and comfort to individuals beyond the devices we build and throughout their entire lives.

Our Peer Visits give our patients the emotional support they need before and after surgery, while our social & adaptive programs via Team Allcare help integrate patients into a community that inspires. It is this support system that helps our patients find the motivation and guidance they need to get back to their prior quality of life.

Get a Go-to Resource on the Latest Technology

Staying on top of the latest products and technologies is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our patients. And since we give our team the freedom to come up with out-of-the-box solutions, we are constantly designing some of the most advanced prosthetics and orthotics available on the market today.

It is also important to us to be a resource for the medical community – to pass on our knowledge so that we may help improve the care of all people living with limb differences. Which is why we offer several different in-services and CEU courses to healthcare providers, all approved by the New York and New Jersey Physical and Occupational Therapy Boards. If you’re interested in offering a course at your practice, contact us to schedule today.

We Work with You to Ensure Patient Success

To us, it is essential to work closely with our patients’ healthcare providers to ensure they are receiving a seamless plan of care. That means responding to your calls and emails quickly, answering your questions thoroughly, sharing our knowledge, providing the most advanced prosthetics & orthotics on the market, and doing everything we can to be a partner to you.

And with a licensed physical therapist and prosthetist on staff, plus an occupational therapist, we are equipped to efficiently communicate with medical providers of any kind.

Certifications and Qualifications at Allcare

We are fully accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics and fully licensed in the state of New Jersey. Our practitioners also have a number of specialized certifications to better serve our patients, such as: Plie, Rheo Knee, C-Leg, Genium Bionic Knee, X3 Knee, Propio Foot, Harmony, Limb Logic, MyoBock, and Walk aide.

If you’re looking for a partner that offers some of the most advanced prosthetics and orthotics on the market, contact us to see how we can help your patients thrive. 

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